Devraj over 3 years ago

" I travelled from Surat by Haridham Travels with my friends. The buses were well-maintained and the staff was very courteous towards us. It feels great to be traveling with a bus operating company that shows complete concern towards passenger's comfort. "

Shobhraj over 3 years ago

" Truly very satisfied. My journey from Baroda with Haridham Travels was too good. Although, it was a long journey I enjoyed it. Nice amenities and a luxurious bus! I couldn't wish for a better bus. I chose the single berth which was cozy. The drivers were very humble and they took good care to make our journey smooth. No sudden breaks/rash driving. I wasn't much tired after taking up such a long journey. Nice journey and great service. "

Surrender over 3 years ago

" I had the best bus journey of my life with Haridham Travels. To start with, their online portal was very user-friendly. Next, it was the first time that I had seen the bus start at the designated time. When I got into the bus, the comfort that I felt was unmatchable. From the window of my seat, I could see bumpy roads but could not feel them much. They also dropped me 15 mins prior to the designated time. So all-in-all it was a perfect journey with nothing to complain about. "

Neerav Singh over 3 years ago

" I travelled from Ahmedabad in Haridham Travels last weekend. The bus was very well maintained and my berth was very comfy. The only thing which bothered me a bit was the gangway which was little narrow. Rest everything was fine. The driver was very cool and easy-going and responded nicely to me. He also stopped the bus at the intermediate stops. It was a friendly atmosphere and I enjoyed the journey thoroughly. No unnecessary halts because of which we could reach our destination on time. "

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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